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​Jon Cohn –Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jon Cohn is a strong advocate, educator, and patient in the Medical Marijuana industry within Pennsylvania focused on the tri-county area. He has been involved since the implementation of the PA MMJ Program. Mr. Cohn has spoken at multiple MMJ conferences. Before the PA MMJ Program began he had been researching and advocating for the midicinal purposes of cannabis and cannabinoids. Previous to his beginings in the MMJ industry Mr. Cohn  had 15 years experience in Program Management, Business and Enterprise Architecture in which his expertise is in Specialty, Retail, Compounding and Home Delivery Pharmacies. Mr. Cohn has experience in program implementation and efficacy feedback systems with in Specialty Pharma. He implemented compliance programs for systems validation and drug development for Endo & West Pharmaceuticals as well as designed the architecture for laboratory management system replacements for all FDA Labs across the country, 14 labs and 2 mobile. Mr. Cohn has paired his previous experience within the Pharmaceutical industry to help lead Agronomed Pharmaceuticals to the forefront of the PA MMJ Program in research and cultivation.  

Craig McHugh.PNG

Dr. Craig McHugh - Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Craig McHugh is a Bio Chemist with expertise in exploring, identifying, and pursuing cannabinoid research. As well as his interest and knowledge in the Medical Marijuana field and cannabinoid research, Dr. McHugh is certified as a member of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He is licensed in Pennsylvania and Kentucky on the State Boards of Podiatry and in New Jersey on the State Board of Medical Examiners. He Studied at the University of Scranton where he majored in Neuroscience/Biology, St. Joseph’s University where he received a B.S. in Biology, and Temple University where he did his Graduate Studies in Biochemistry. Dr. McHugh is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for AFP Surgery Center. As the Medical Director and Administrator Owner of AFP Surgery Center he over sees all the policies and procedures of the day to day operations of the ambulatory surgical center. Dr. McHugh uses his knowledge and experience within the Bio Chemistry field in addition to his expertise in cannabinoids to guide Agronomed Pharmaceuticals' research with in the PA MMJ Program.   

Gregory Carroll.jpg

Gregory Carroll - Strategic Board Member

Mr. Gregory Carroll is President and CEO of Empire Construction Management Services, LLC since 2011. Mr. Carroll has provided quality and excellence in the areas of Administrative, Site and Field Management Services. Mr. Carroll has also worked in the Financial Services Industry, as a Financial Advisor for 25 years, advising clients in the areas of Investments, Insurance, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Corporate Administrative Services. As President of Carroll Financial Group, he has worked with some of the largest investment and insurance companies. Mr. Carroll uses his business expertise in Management of large construction jobs and employees as well as his Financial expertise to advise and lead Agronomed Pharmaceuticals to one of the leading grower processors in the PA MMJ Program. 

Ron Barchet.jpg

Reinhold "Ron" Barchet - Cheif Mannufacturing Officer

Mr. Ron Barchet began his career as a financial analyst first with TRW, then SRS Technologies. These roles had him supporting the Navy, Strategic Defense Initiative and finally with DARPA. He left the Department of Defense in order to pursue a career in brewing, beginning his brewing career at Baltimore Brewing Company. Mr. Barchet received training at the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan. Upon completion of his training, Mr. Barchet accepted a position as Brewer (later as Brewmaster) at Old Dominion Brewing in Virginia. It was there he gained invaluable experience which provided a strong foundation for Mr. Barchet to open Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. Ron served as CEO and Brewmaster for 20 years. Under Mr. Barchet's leadership, Victory Brewing Company grew to three taprooms in Chester County, PA and over 150,000 barrels of beer sold per year, supported by a team of 450 employees. Mr. Barchet has decided to take his knowledge of finances and his business expertise from beer to cannabis. His extensive knowldge and expertise of start-up scaling for new businesses will support Agronomed Pharmaceuticals in their continued growth within the PA MMJ Program.   


Jen Corrigan.jpg

Jennifer Corrigan - Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Jennifer Corrigan built her career developing and executing business growth strategies with an emphasis on analyzing financial data, identifying efficiency drivers and providing strategic support and solutions. Her 21 years in the Financial Services Industry, including 10 years as a Commercial Lender, provided the expertise required to assume the role of Vice President of Finance and Corporate Strategy with Victory Brewing Company. Mrs. Corrigan aided Victory Brewing Company and its owners to a successful exit of the business with a sale to Artisanal Brewing Ventures (ABV). She became Vice President of Corporate Affairs for ABV, working with ABV owned breweries to establish one back-office operational platform. While VP of Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Corrigan launched her own company, Rarus Consulting, LLC, which supports companies seeking fractional CFO expertise. Since 2016, Rarus Consulting has provided CFO services to multiple industries, including manufacturing. Mrs. Corrigan wanted to focus her experience in all financial aspects of helping run and grow a successful Brewery into the cannabis industry. With her extensive financial bankground and expertise in business finances Mrs. Corrigan will lead Agronomed Pharmaceuticals in building and maintianing a high performance culture grounded in sophisticated business-management practices inorder to allow Agronomed Pharmaceuticals to remian succesful within the PA MMJ Program. 

Chad DiFrancesco.jpg

Chad DiFrancesco - Director of Operations 


Mr. Chad DiFrancesco is a graduate from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia (USciences). There he earned his B.S. in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business. He has always interpreted cannabis as a medicine and integrated that into his studies leading to the focus of his senior thesis on a patient benefiting dispensary model. Mr. DiFrancesco has been involved in a multitude of roles with various healthcare start-ups. He has experience as a sales professional and in strategic positions to increase business efficiency for organizations, such as: compounding pharmacy, marketing agency and market access software development and application. Utilizing his industrious experience and aptitude, Mr. DiFrancesco has been involved in the Pennsylvania cannabis industry since 2017. Mr. DiFrancesco uses his experience in sales and the pharamceutical industry and his passion for the use of cannabis as a medicine to lead Agronomed Pharmaceuticals as a grower processor to become a leader in top of the line medicinal cannabis products within the PA MMJ Program. 

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