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Pets & CBD

More people are turning to CBD products for conditions such as anxiety and joint pain for themselves as well as their pets. Supporters of CBD promise benefits similar to medical marijuana minus THC. Though CBD is hemp-derived it is still in the questionable gray area of legality. Doctors and veterinarians cannot prescribe CBD let alone recommend it. The federal Drug Enforcement Administration (FDA) deems CBD products illegal. The FDA, who regulates supplements, has no oversight and therefore doesn’t check for accuracy. Dr. Rebecca Amstutz, a pet chiropractor knows the gray area well. However, because she’s not a veterinarian, she can’t recommend any supplements, whether regulated or not. She indicated a separate business next door to her practice sells CBD oils for pets, so she gets a lot of questions and a lot of pet owners who say that these products provide results. “We talk about definitely doing your research about the quality,” said Amstutz. “There are different companies that will have organic, industrial-grown hemp manufactured in the US, and manufactured in-house. They will even put on their website that they are transparent and they have their quality results [listed] on their website. Those are the kind of ones you want to look for if you are going to use them.” While they may make claims on those bottles, this cannot be regulated as CBD is not an FDA-approved compound. Amstutz estimates the business next door sells three to four vials per week. Analysts predict CBD to grow to a $20 billion industry by 2022, and the state is urging caution against using these products and expects to bring them up during the next legislative session.

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