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Tattoos & CBD

There is a lot to consider when getting a tattoo. It starts with deciding what you want to get, where on your body you want it, and the size you want it to be. On the day of your tattoo appointment; the process starts with cleaning, shaving, stenciling along with a bundle of nerves leading up to the needle penetrating your skin.

People tend to try different remedies to deal with their nerves and the pain of the needle. Some will try consuming alcohol to drown their nerves and numb the pain. Although that might work as a distraction, the alcohol will thin your blood causing you to bleed more which is not good for the ink and will also make any tattoo artist’s job more difficult. Also, if a tattoo artist knows you are intoxicated, it’s likely they will not allow you to be tattooed.

Clients may also attempt to use prescription medicine to cope with the pain and anxiety that comes with the tattoo process. As the public’s trust drifts away from opioid use, due to increasing cases of addiction, the use of pain-killers may not be a safe solution. Also, like alcohol, most pain killers thin the blood which will make the tattoo process more difficult from extra bleeding – potentially resulting in a bad tattoo. However, an over-the-counter remedy for pain relief when getting tattooed has growing popularity, many new creams and ointments include Lidocaine, an anesthetic that causes loss of feeling in the skin and surrounding tissue. Lidocaine is available OTC in small doses and sometimes provided by the artist if the client has a low pain tolerance.

Another remedy people use is consuming cannabis. This may work by distracting the client from the painful process, but unfamiliar users may feel adverse effects. High levels of THC can increase the awareness of the pain, potentially increasing anxiety.

Since THC-high cannabis is only available for recreational use in a handful of states, the remedy people are beginning to adopt is CBD. CBD calms your nerves and anxiety prior to getting tattooed. It also helps reduce inflammation and pain while getting the tattoo. CBD has great skincare benefits so it is beneficial as aftercare. A CBD infused cream is ideal considering it has anti-inflammatory properties to help with the swelling and pain along with antibacterial properties to help protect the tattoo from getting infected. The cream will also keep the tattoo moisturized to reduce scabbing and itching. A ‘best-of-both-worlds’ product may even include CBD and Lidocaine, providing the client with sufficient pain relief as well as other beneficial attributes CBD ointments are able to provide.

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