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Veterinarians and Cannabis

As acceptance of cannabis continues to spread across the United States, more potential indications are surfacing. In the recent past, these indications have been limited to human consumption. However, as research continues and medical effectiveness becomes more evident, the veterinarian world is slowly beginning to utilize this plant’s compounds as medical therapies for their four-legged patients.

Though veterinarians are prohibited from administrating, prescribing, dispensing, or recommending cannabis for their patients. The availability of other cannabinoid products made available through the production of hemp enables vets to utilize products with cannabinoids like CBD (Cannabidiol) to help increase the quality of life of their patients.

As the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) reports, Legislation in California and New York is being proposed to allow veterinarians to legally discuss the use of cannabis-based products with their patients. Dr. Gary Richter, owner of Holistic Veterinary in Oakland, California, is a noted advocate of a California bill, AB 2215, that would require the California Veterinary Medical Board to establish guidelines for licensed veterinarians to discuss with clients the use of cannabis for their pets that could benefit from it. This bill will protect the veterinarian from any disciplinary action while doing so.

"I'm always looking for other options that are safe and effective that can be used for patients," he said. "So many people routinely come into my office saying, 'I've really benefited from medical cannabis; is this something I can use for my pet?'" -Dr. Richter

Hopefully we get to see animals benefit from the use of medical marijuana in the near future.

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