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White House plans for Cannabis

Medical marijuana is now legal in 30 states in the US, while recreational use of marijuana is legal in 8 states. A recent article published from Buzzfeed news detailing The White House’s secretly amassed Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee. This committee consisting of 14 federal agencies, is set out to explore some of the negative trends about marijuana and the ‘threats” it poses to the country. The staff believes that despite the positive information being shown there needs to be a counter balance of information because data shown thus far seems to be one-sided. While Trump previously stated he was on board with marijuana, Buzzfeed’s article revealed the White House’s not so secret agenda that could throw a wrench in the plans for the future of legalization.

According to the report, the data being collected by these agencies will include the most significant data demonstrating the most negative trends with a statement describing implications of such trends. None of the documents uncovered indicate that officials are seeking data that show marijuana consumption or legalization laws which have been approved in the 8 states serve a public benefit or do a better job of reducing drug abuse. The Departments of Defense, Education, Transport, Veterans Affairs and Environmental Protection have been asked to compile bulleted 2-page fact sheets that identify marijuana threats and issues with the initiatives this past August. Departments were told to “Identify marijuana threats, issues created by state marijuana initiatives and consequences of use, production, and trafficking on national health, security and safety.”

Agencies were asked to provide an example of a story relating an incident or picture that illustrates one or more of the key areas of concern related to use, production, trafficking of marijuana. They were also asked to describe how the drug poses threats to department and the consequences of marijuana on national health and security.

The Committees agenda betrays Trumps pledges to protect states from federal intervention – a position with overwhelming support. While marijuana consumption rose in the last 15 years before Colorado & Washington became the first states to allow adults to buy marijuana in 2013 JAMA psychiatry federal data indicate marijuana abuse disorder has dropped nationally since then.

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