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WHO Reveals Cannabis Laws

The World Health Organization released their initial review results of their research on cannabis.

The WHO’s results show positive feedback on the medicinal potential of cannabis. This is a leap forward in the global acceptance of cannabis as medicine. The WHO recognized Cannabidiol (CBD) as demonstrating effective treatment for epilepsy as well as potential of being a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions. CBD has also been noted to have a generally well tolerance with a good safety profile.

This recent news is an update from the WHO’s acknowledgement last year that CBD has no health risks. They released a report defending the medical benefits of CBD, adding CBD has no risks for abuse or health problems. The report last year was inclusive of the existing evidence supporting CBD’s therapeutic uses.

Unfortunately, this report is not enough to advance the global use of cannabis in medicine. There is still a lack of conclusive evidence about the medicinal benefits. Mostly because cannabis is still banned under international treaties, preventing members of the United Nations from legalizing it for treatment.

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